Monday, September 15, 2014

Poetry... Inaccuracy.
Shadows arent their real length at any time of day.
Constellations mess during the night.
Celeste wants to correct, you; Turn your dreams into something beautiful...
Romantic melodrama, dreamy beginning, take you far... to her end (of no ones End!)
Celestjustia notes: Angel boss, she isnt dreary.
Celeste--- sShe... my... supervisor! ... somethings left better said, I tell her; Actions (Words).
Justine & I get everything; Every Word Right, This Time!
Justine dumb?!
talk talk of course this'll never happen.
"never say never if you dont want."
Speechless Justine knot dumb. Talk talk.

never say never if u dont want want Hari-Kari Immortality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hari-kari I'm youre knot cut out for what... its supposed t...the build up too much,
You setit up getit, then what?
The BuildUp Built Up even mor,
us not what... anything... like its... 'posd to... (marginal dialog)...

talk talk (Music Machine playin)... Time machine Dating... fast forward to convenient store... Dating Reality ON overhead screen next  Keno/Bingo
 another Kid picks nose , bored;
starts fucking with selfy  maybe pocket gamer I dont kno. not sure---
Pay for prepaid w/fraud card.
The clerk KNOWS... smirks?
Bogus id... get you busted dude... ssn alwasht up etc.
green card alien.
I'vde  so many persons, so many places, forgotten everything but this. BS.

... written True (or will come to pass).  The Novel isn't won't... not one word.

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