Sunday, October 12, 2014

anti-climatic... when things get a little scary,
wonderful things... happen. (shit, hows that for anodyne)

Things will get better,
with new gods to watch over us... (plagiarized from Just A sigh, the movie,  misquotes--- cut-up? )cant say)...
Did u kno, Do U care---

that when Attemptin
I fall asleep.... before getting hard?  hows this---

this , for awkward, travesty-poem.


yea, the literati, the critics with their the brownnosers no/sing poets and novelists and play-rights (did i forget anyone?),
the little girls understand---
sellout crapband--- only pop tells you what you need to kno. MY 2666---
you mf, problem, deserved to die at (was it 50? oh "FU"--- I know nothin bout u, but did you drink drugout when u wrIte? no? yes? i'm sure your "lovers"/spouse/kid(s) will concede---- only arrrived on the point where the literati translators professor(s).... wop, span, brit... cunt & pricks... practically kick their pakistani cab driver to death... Liz, (o fuck a crack-up) "Medusa" watches/... genius... fucking genius... liberal nazis offend nobody... (is that your point?) Ive never drunk (detest drugs) when I wrote. never.  just fucking cant.

& not now.
& u never did, i kno. &

books that get published, suck. liz norton of2666, i doubt  i...  finish... reading it... rarely finish books, not a speed reader&
whilst writin... just fucking sucks.

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