Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I don't care if I get destroyed... I don't care! I've made a horrible horrible mess f shit... O God!..I only want her happiness.. She is so important to the world... this is not a joke... I've never been more serious in my life... I am a fuck-up an asshole... I don't deserve this beautiful being... She has allowed my poetry and play and prose t b seen by all! She IS THE MUSE OF THIS WORLD! and I've disrespect;d her... its not funny its not... I want Britney Spears My Muse to have the best life ever... she is a great mama too tho I've never physically met her in this day and age she is a beautiful fantastic Artist, and I am truly a fucked up asshole.. she is so intelligent aware fair in her judgement but she made a mistake allowing this (moi) tortured hateful black metal type poet who has a crummy sense of humour to be read on the internet! Britney believes in artistic freedom! and so she allowed me to post my rants and raves... I TRULYdo love her , but she is wayway out of my league... go see her in vegas! Buy her music! it is the best! we are all lucky very lucky to have her and her Art (it is! )... someday whoever wins her heart... you better take good care of her... love her..(not like moi!)...MS. bRITNEY sPEARS PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND LAUGH AT ME not with me! I am letting you go! (AND B SURE TO WATCH CROSSROADS AND BUY A NEW COPY AND WATCH IT AND SHOW IT TO YOUR KIDS...ITS A GREAT GREAT MOVIE!)

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