Wednesday, May 21, 2014

i wrote all the noise shitcore I've been listening to all my life... well that is false... i  didn't startgetting into noise shitcore until  B took off (damn! not her clothes well at least not all of them)...but I had no idea what she sounded like until eric disorder sent me a tape of him singing over her, drunk on his ass. I knew kind of how she looked. Superbowl she called Steve tyler aerosmith gross (old guy) that was very cool and i remember in this torn up criminal office where i was a pirate, this perv ol redfaced guy (not me) who always wanted to fight had pictures of young B all over his cubicle wall in the back. He always had a camera. I'm not into cameras at all by the way as if you haven't noticed, but I'm not an exactly ogre (though i'D LIKE TO B). aNYWAY, THAT PERV AROUND LUNCHTIME WOULD GO OUT AROUND NOON TO PHOTOGRAPH SCHOOLGIRLS, AND WE'D LAUGH CRAZY when he returned AND THEN HE'D WANT TO FIGHT. I listened to a lot of deicide back then. BRITNEY THAT PEPSI COMMERCIAL SO AWESOME! (and i like coke (cola) not pepsi). as a thankyou, i sent eric some fancy porn mag for xmas mostly straight (like me) but it had a few shemales inside that were pretty hot. B is no shemale though, that's for fucking sure.

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