Friday, May 23, 2014

is Justine gamine? Not at all. She's too tall 5'8'' 5'9" . model thin (skank) "Tragic" (cliche) not cute.   Sexual to the point of frigidity, tho well used (involuntarily, voluntarily)... thin pale soul with "dark depths for eyes" (cliche), long black hair(sometimes bangs... sometimes parted in the middle... sometimes comb'd to the side covering her eye (right? or left?... the side of her face whense 1/2 hidden changes invariably ... basically her hair style,  always Bcomes different when she sleeps the morning. Justine is very Reality. Like reality, this is just a working desciption... oh yeah, she isn't ... deaf dumb mute (cliche) , but has learned to play the game pretty well. Unnecessary non sequitur: cute chix tend t b chubby short  pretty face laugh a lot, whilst they're not gamine. i hope I'm  sexist, I hope i don't disappoint u...  The Literati are buzzed , getting lap dances, hate my shit... nice.

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