Thursday, June 12, 2014

from my private chamber notes ...The Priviledge To Write For Another... Pornography, Boorish. LoveHate, the only Reality T' xpound... I bare my soul to U, who might care. Privacy always In Need of Xposure. To have SEX withthou thru ART, True Love Fucking. To B stripped naked makes U my Love my Hate... MY CHERISH'd! There wilt B plenty of spacetime for...?! We are not even in the foreplay stage, yet. Even this foreplay takes Time;  Our Art Eternity; B Yourself (is there any other Way? No<>). True, I am untrustworthy, but  am guarded supervised watched by angels. You are safe with me... laugh, but TRUE(Reality). Whatever your Icon status or lost status, no difference, YOU'LL ALWAYS b U to I...  star fucking's for cunts and that's one thing David Jones isn't!

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