Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is It Not True There Is A god?
Is It True There Is A god?
"Yes" Nerval answers enthusiastically!

Numinous necropolis,
Verdure wayfarer,
Is It...

Often I choose words I enjoy reading... look up their meanings even if I already know them;  Then, they become even more important to me. Children. Part of a family.
     I also like copying down certain passages from books. Lovers... they become part of me when I use them as I want in both poetry and prose.
     mY BEST aRT though,  are my own (comments & responses) in the margins of used books.    Bsides in these used spaces, are comments & responses not written by me---   cherished--- valentines to a soul... some times Angry, Some times illuminativ, often Surprised! some times encouraged, some times delightful... erotic.


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